Ema chooses to focus on dot work & blackwork. Taking influence from all things around the universe from ancient tribes, the cosmos & ancient eastern religious imagery, to Indian folk art & sacred geometry. Her designs vary from intricate, delicate dotwork, to bold, striking blackwork.

Ema’s aim with each design is to embellish the body & work with your natural shape to create a visually stunning piece of art that you can wear with pride. Working directly with each client, she designs each piece to suit each individual, based on their chosen influence. Ema strives to bring something unique to each piece & push to evolve with every tattoo.


Billy specialises in large scale Japanese work i.e. back pieces, torsos, sleeves etc. which he has won numerous awards worldwide for, most notably the “Best Colour”  award at the International London Tattoo Convention, regarded in the industry as the top convention in the world.

He is particularly interested in Japanese folklore and ghost stories featuring Yokai and Yurei. He also likes to tattoo Traditional and Neo Traditional styles.


Marcus likes to work within an illustrative style, making his own unique interpretation of your inventive ideas, large scale colour work is preferred but he is also more than happy to work with creative, small scale pieces too.


Specialises in Black & Grey, with a realistic take on traditional and fineline tattoo techniques. Has preferences in Pinup, Animal/Nature, Floral, Statuesque & Landscape.